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US Airways Exit

Q. US Airways will be moving into oneworld as part of the new American Airlines following the approval of their merger with American Airlines. What is Star Alliance’s comment on this?

A. While we are of course sorry to lose US Airways as a Star Alliance member we at the same time recognise that this is the result of a healthy consolidation on a regional basis. We anticipate further consolidation in the industry and believe this is good for the airline industry as a whole. As such developments very often take place outside the Alliance framework it does however meant that, alliance composition can change, as it will do in this case.

Q. When will US Airways leave?

A. US Airways has announced that it will leave Star Alliance on March 30, 2014. Star Alliance headquarters and US Airways are working on a joint and orderly exit plan to ensure a smooth transition for customers. In the meantime, US Airways remains a Star Alliance member airline offering the Alliance customer benefits.

Q. What exactly do you mean by customer benefits being honoured or offered until 30 March 2014?

A. Even though US will exit from Star Alliance, the Alliance customer benefits, such as mileage accrual or redemption, lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority baggage, etc. will all be offered until 30MAR14.

Q. Until when can I collect miles when travelling on US Airways?

A. Members in any of the Star Alliance frequent flyer programmes will be able to collect miles when travelling on US operated flights until March 30, 2014. (Please note that US Airways might continue bilateral partnerships with a few Star Alliance member programmes. Please contact your frequent flyer programme for more information.)

Q. Until when can I redeem miles for US Airways flights?

A. Redemption on US flights is possible until March 30, 2014.

Q. Until when can I access US Airways-run lounges?

A. The Star Alliance Gold Card holder access rules will apply to all US Airways operated and contracted lounges until March 30, 2014.

Q. Will Star Alliance Gold Card holders still be able to check in extra luggage and receive priority luggage when travelling on US Airways?

A. Yes, like all Gold benefits, these will be offered until March 30, 2014.

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TAM Exit & Status Match

Q. What does TAM leaving Star Alliance mean for Star Alliance customers?

A. Until TAM actually leaves Star Alliance on March 30th nothing changes for the customer. TAM continues to be a Star Alliance member providing all Alliance customer benefits. TAM and Star Alliance have agreed on a smooth transition plan so as to ensure that benefits will be kept in place until the Brazilian airline actually leaves Star Alliance.

Q. when can I collect miles when travelling on TAM?

A. Collecting miles on flights operated by TAM will be possible up until the airline leaves Star Alliance on March 30th.

Q. Until when can I redeem miles for TAM flights?

A. Redemption bookings on JJ flights will be possible at least until March 30th and a contingency arrangement will be in place to ensure that any ticket issued prior to the leaving date will be accepted for travel.

Q. How many destinations will Star Alliance lose once TAM leaves?

A. On an international basis the Star Alliance network will not lose any international destinations although some destinations in Brazil will no longer be served by the Alliance. We are looking at options to provide our customers a choice of domestic service in Brazil once TAM leaves.

Q. As a TAM Fidelidade customer, can I match my status to one of the Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programmes in order not to lose my Star Alliance Gold benefits?

A. Yes, the Status Match promotion will be offered exclusively to TAM Fidelidade members holding valid Star Alliance Gold Status (TAM Fidelidade Red, TAM Fidelidade Red Plus, and TAM Fidelidade Black). The member needs to have qualified for this status on 30th March 2014 at the latest.

Q. When and where can I register for the Status Match promotion?

A. The status match will be offered from 31st March 2014 until 30th May 2014. Please note that you must register online by latest 30th May 2014 12 pm GMT by fully completing the Online Registration Form available on .

Q. What should I do if I am not a TAM Fidelidade Star Alliance Gold member?

A. Unfortunately, this promotion is not applicable for TAM Fidelidade members holding Star Alliance Silver Status (TAM Fidelidade Blue and White cards). Please directly register in any Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programme and start building up your status which will continue providing you access to the Alliance benefits when travelling on any Star Alliance member airline. Please click here and select the programme of your choice.

Q. Can I choose more than one Frequent Flyer Programme to status match?

A. No, you can only match your status into one of the participating Frequent Flyer Programmes. In case you apply for multiple FFPs, only your first submitted application recorded on via Online Registration Form will be considered.

Q. Can I choose any Frequent Flyer Programme belonging to the Star Alliance member carriers to match my status?

A. No, you can only match your status to one of the 9 participating Frequent Flyer Programmes. Please see below the complete list of participating Frequent Flyer Programmes:

  • Aeroplan® (Air Canada)
  • Airpoints™ (Air New Zealand)
  • EuroBonus® (Scandinavian Airlines)
  • Mileage Plus® (United, Copa Airlines)
  • Miles & Smiles® (Turkish Airlines)
  • PhoenixMiles® (Air China)
  • SA Voyager® (South African Airways)
  • ShebaMiles® (Ethiopian Airlines)
  • Victoria® (TAP Portugal)

Q. What should I do to benefit from the status match?

A. a. Enrol in the participating Frequent Flyer Programme of your choice and have your new membership number ready before you submit the Online Registration Form. Should you already be a member of the selected programme, please have your existing membership number available.
b. Take a picture or scan your TAM Fidelidade Star Alliance Gold card and attach it to your Online Registration Form.
c. Fill in and submit the online form (available on accepting the promotional Terms & Conditions.

Q. What happens after I submit the Online Registration Form?

A. If your application is valid, you will be contacted by the Promoter via the e-mail address provided during the online registration entry process within 8 weeks of the submission date. If the validation is not successful, you may be requested to provide additional information within 8 weeks of the submission.

Q. When will I receive my new Star Alliance Gold card and start using my Star Alliance Gold benefits?

A. The new Star Alliance Gold card from your selected Frequent Flyer Programme will be sent to the postal address you have registered shortly after you receive the confirmation from the Promoter. Please note that this process might take up to 8 weeks, but you can already start using the number of your new Star Alliance Gold Frequent Flyer card for your next travels.

Q. Can I transfer the points from my TAM Fidelidade account?

A. No, points accumulated in TAM Fidelidade account are not transferrable into other Star Alliance member carrier Frequent Flyer Programmes.

Q. What will happen if I don't transfer my Star Alliance Gold Status to one of the participating carriers?

A. After TAM leaves Star Alliance on 30th March 2014, if you do not match your status to any of the participating Frequent Flyer Programmes in the promotion, you will lose your Star Alliance Gold status gained through TAM Fidelidade and the associated benefits.

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